CocoaT Roasters

Roasting one of the critical steps in processing cocoa beans to chocolate.  Roasting significantly contributes to flavor development in the final chocolate.  Roasting the cocoa beans at right temperature for the right duration is critical to get better quality nibs and in turn better-tasting chocolate.  Many bean to bar chocolate manufacturers use roasting to create an aroma to attact customers to their shops. 

We have designed a simple to use, robust roasters. All our CocoaT roasters are equipped with removable stainless steel roasting baskets / drums.  Our CocoaT Roasters are equipped with timer control. During roasting, cocoa beans constantly tumble inside the slowly-rotating stainless steel drum. The beans are heated by conduction heat (from the roaster basket to beans) and convection heat (hot air inside the roaster drum) resulting in evenly-roasted beans.

Our CocoaT Junior Roasters are equipped with time control at a fixed temperature. Our large roasters and commercial roasters are equipped with both time and temperature control.  Cocoa beans are constantly tumbled at a slow speed for even roasting.

We have three different models to handle different volumes for small scale roasting

CocoaT commercial roasters are designed for the commercial use. These CocoaT commercial roasters can handle 30 -40 lbs of cocoa beans in a batch. Programmable timer and temperature. We have two versions - NSF and non- NSF certified.  non -NSF certified commercial roaster Cost - $3859.99 (F.O.B. Atlanta)

NSF certified commercial roaster ranges from $3000 - $7000 depending on the oven manufacturer.

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