CocoaT Roasters are ideal for roasting cocoa beans, the precursors of the best chocolate. Roasting the cocoa beans at right temperature for the right duration results in better quality nibs that leads to better tasting chocolate. All CocoaT roasters are equipped with removable stainless steel roasting baskets / drums.


Our CocoaT Roasters are equipped with timer control. During roasting, cocoa beans constantly tumble inside the slowly rotating stainless steel drum. The beans are heated by convection heat (heating element) and conduction heat (from the roaster basket) resulting in evenly roasted beans.


We have two different models to handle different volumes for small scale roasting.


Our CocoaT Junior roasters can roast 4-6 lbs of cocoa beans. The unit comes with 2 fixed temperature settings. The CocoaT mini roaster has a timer. Cost - $350 (F.O.B. Atlanta)


  • 110V
  • stainless steel roasting drum
  • stainless steel roasting drum

CocoaT commercial roaster is a heavy duty Stainless steel roaster. The unit comes with roasting drum that can roast up to 30 lbs of cocoa beans in a single batch. The temperature and timer control lets the user customize it depending on the cocoa beans used.
The actual unit may be different than the one on the picture as we constantly improve the machine based on our customers’ feedback.


• Electronic temperature controller
• Digital Timer
• Buzzer to alert the preset time is up
• High quality Stainless steel roasting drum
• easy to clean
• easy to operate
• safe to use
• Transparent door for monitoring
• built-in tungsten lamp to ensure even heating
• energy efficient
• Temperature range from 50C to 300C (122 F – 572F)


• Capacity: 30 lbs of cocoa beans
• Weight: 400 lbs
• Size: 48” x 44” x 51” tall
•  220V, three phase
• Price : $4835 (F.O.B. Atlanta)

Terms and conditions:

These units are made to order.
Shipped in 7-8 weeks once the completed order form and payment is received.
Additional transit time depending on the customer's location.





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