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This CocoaT Mini Pregrinders was specifically desigend to make cocoa powder from cocoa nibs.  Our customers have found that making a coarse powder of cocoa beans prior to adding to the Melanger helps to spped up the feed time and reduce the total grinding time.  The balde is specially designed to lift the product and keeping it in air during grinding process.  This keeps it from melting the powdered nibs and makes it easy to handle the addition process. Running the unit for less than 30 seconds is enough to make the coarse powder suitable for addition.

In addition to that we have another optional "cracking" balde that can crack roasted beans into larger chunks withour making too much fine.  If you are dealing with cracking small quantities of cocoa beans (less than 10 kgs) in your process, this balde attachment is ideal for your operation.

This CocoaTown mini Pregrinder is truely a multi purpose machine.  You can make fine powder of sugar.  You can also make coarse to fine powder of oily nuts.  Additional uses are upto your imagination and skills.

Want to enjoy the experience of making your own chocolate from the comfort of your home? How about making fresh cocoa powder, nut butters, or coconut butter in minutes? The CocoaT Mini Pregrinder is ideal for bringing your cocoa fantasies to life and creating your own unique recipes. Our machine is perfect for making chocolate components like nut pastes, cocoa powder, coconut butter, and many more!

CocoaT Mini Pregrinder fulfills your chocolate cravings. Two stainless steel jars are designed to handle any volume from a teaspoon to a cup of ingredients. Highly efficient and durable grinding blades grind and pulverize the ingredients in a jiffy.

The piano-key style buttons provide the user with ease and the flexibility to vary operating speeds efficiently and effectively. A handy compartment at the back of the unit stores the wire cord and keeps the area clutter-free. As a safety measure, the unit will start only if the jars are locked in position.


  • Two stainless steel jars for different quantities
  • Unique, durable blade design for increased longevity of blade and efficiency of use
  • Wide jar design for easy operation and cleaning
  • Jars with built-in flow breakers for uniform grinding
  • Snap on lid for easy opening
  • Heavy duty 550W motor
  • Piano style keys with 3 speeds and a pulse function
  • Safety switch, activated by locking the jar
  • Reset switch to prevent the motor from overheating
  • Built-in cord storage compartment
  • One year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect
  • Economical – costs only $150 F.O.B. Atlanta


  • Motor - 550W, 110V
  • Stainless steel 
  • Motor housing - ABS Plastic
  • Speeds- 3 plus a pulse
  • Foot Print- 12” x 6”
  • Weight- 10 lbs with box

Optional Accessories:

CocoaT Cracker Blade - Install this blade instead of the grinding blade in the container and it can crack the beans. Add 1/2 cup of beans in each batch. Press pulse button for 1 second and release it. Repeat it for 2-3 times. The beans are broken into pieces. Be sure to avoid overgrinding the beans. Then it will be harder to separate the husk from the nibs. Costs $25.

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