We heard from some chocolate makers that if the grinder is belt driven, the rubber smell can get into the chocolate (in very miniscule amounts) and they want their chocolate free of any rubber smell (even though only connoisseurs can make out the fractional change in the odor). We listened to them and we have developed Grindeurs (grinder + melanger / melanguer combination) with gear driven mechanism to minimize the stress on the belts.

ECGC GrindeurTMhas double granite roller stones that rotate on a granite base. This creates tremendous shear that reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor with a particle size of less than 15 microns that is expected in modern chocolate.

Our Grindeur can also be used to grind nuts into nut butters - almonds (Marcepan), hazel nut (gianduia) Macadamia, pistachio, cashews etc. Our customers are using it for grinding tahini from sesame seeds, hummus from chick peas, poppy seeds, quinoa etc. Other users are grinding rice for rice milk, almonds for almond milk and more. We have a customer who is grinding Sphagnum moss for facials. Since ECGC-65A is a multipurpose equipment, the possibilities are endless.

The granite roller stones and wiper are attached to the stainless steel shaft as a single assembly that helps to remove the stones with ease. Tension adjustor helps the chocolatiers vary the tension for different stages of grinding.

Tilting mechanism keeps the grinding vessel at an angle when removing contents or cleaning it.

ECGC GrindeursTM require dedicated power line. It has to be connected to a CocoaT Control Panel containing frequency controller, on / off switch,  and emergency shut off pendant. If the control panel is not used, the unit should be connected to an outlet through appropriately rated motor starter. Motor disconnect also should be installed.

ECGC GrindeursTM are available in three different sizes and two different models. ECGC 30 GrindeurTM grinds 30 lbs of cocoa nibs and ECGC-40 grinds 40 lbs of cocoa nibs in one batch. These two sizes are made to order. ECGC-65 grinds 65 lbs of cocoa nibs in a single batch. ECGC-65-A is the popular model and we constantly improve it based on our customer feedback. We also have spares readily available for this model.

ECGC-65 is ideal for companies that would like to further customize the grinding process. The optional frequency controller attachment helps to program the drum speed for different stages of grinding – helps the chocolatiers to put their “signature” on the bar.

ECGC-65A unit comes with tension adjustor. This helps to release the tension of the roller stones completely for conching process. This makes the chocolate liquor mix continuously without grinding further and facilitates the evaporation of volatiles. If the tension adjustor is used to tighten the lock arm too far down, it will spoil the Grindeur. The added tension will wear out the delrin tube inside the roller stone, wear out the bottom stone of the stainless steel vessel and damage the motor and other components. We are working on a system to indicate when the tension adjustor is tightened too far. Please contact us if you have ECGC-65A and would like to get the solution to avoid accidental over tightening.

Two different models are available for GrindeursTM

  1. ECGC-C - the basic model made with 202 grade Stainless steel. This model is suitable for budget conscious customers. This model is made to order and the unit will be shipped in 4-6 weeks from the date of completed order & payment. This unit has the same drum volume as Spectra 100 and same drum diameter of 18".
The upgrades available for this model: (Please contact for prices)
304 grade Stainless steel drum
304 grade Stainless Steel roller holder assembly
Best grade gear box
US bought motor
  1. ECGC-A - The Rolls Royce of GrindeursTM comes with finest quality components. Some of the components in this model are Made in USA. We are working on additional attachments for this unit to make it multipurpose. The drum is wider to facilitate faster evaporation of volatiles. Wider roller stone for efficient grinding. We can make this unit in USA with only the drum and granite roller stones from India. Please contact us for a price quote for ECGC-65-A Made in USA.
    ECGC-65A unit has the same drum volume as Spectra 100 but wider drum (20" drum instead of Spectra's 18" drum) for better grinding efficiency.

We are also introducing more accessories for this model in the near future. The Conching attachment and Therm-air temperature control system will be available in the near future.


Features for ECGC-A

High Quality Stainless Steel vessel and motor housing – Hygienic
Vertical model - Ergonomic design
Detachable Cylindrical Granite Roller Stones – removable as one piece – Easy handling
Unique adjustable Load Balancing System - Even spread of load - Efficient grinding
Locking mechanism – Tilt to empty / keep vertical to grindEasy - One person operation
Heavy duty motor - can run for 90 hours continuously – Finer chocolate liquor
Gear driven - less load stress on the belt – No unwanted smell in the chocolate
Gear box made by one of the top 5 gear manufacturers of the world -Quality
U/L listed wiring – Safety
In-house R&D - to customize the unit to your unique needs - Individualization
1 year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect – Peace of mind
Readily available spare parts – Minimum downtime
Shipped around the world - Convenience



 Product Name  Motor Capacity

Foot Print

Weight (lbs)

Drum size



2 HP, 220 V, Three phase 65 lbs of cocoa nibs 30"X30" 650 20"

Call +1-770-587-3000 or email us to order

GC 65 C


2 HP, 220 V, Three phase 65 lbs of cocoa nibs 30"X30" 650 18"

Call +1-770-587-3000 or email us to order



Additional accessories / services: (optional) for ECGC-65A

Optional accessories if control panel is not ordered:

      • Motor starter - $150
      • Emergency shut off pendant  - $300
      • Frequency controller - $500
      • Switched outlet - $150
      • 110 rpm pulley - $90
      •  Customized Motor cost - $400
      • Labor cost to install the custom motor - $350 


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