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 elcome to cocoatown.com by CocoaTown LLC. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute complete train of CocoaT line of equipment to help the chocolate makers prepare gourmet chocolates – from bean to bar – the authentic way with modern convenience.

CocoaT Grindeur® line of cocoa grinder / melanguer (melanger) combo appliances, CocoaT mini Roaster, CocoaT mini pregrinder are readily available. We are introducing CocoaT pregrinders, CocoaT power Crackers, Commercial CocoaT Roasters soon.

We also sell best quality raw beans, roasted beans and nibs from around the world.  We also conduct training classes to educate people to make chocolate from coca beans.

We at cocoatown.com understand the chemistry, physics, and mechanics of chocolate grinding process. Best quality gourmet chocolate begins with goos quality beans, right equipment and correct process.  We will be gald to assist you with every step of the basic chocolate making process.

We ship our machines to all over the world.  If you need any help with a shipping company and the procedure, we can help you.

We are located at a suburb of Atlanta, GA, USA:  108 Oak Street, Suite B, Roswell,  GA  30075 USA

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CocoaTown equipment are multipurpose machines. For eg. the melangers and Grindeurs can also be used to grind nut butters like guindeja, marcepan from almonds, pistachios, macadamia and more, grind hummus from chickpeas, tahini from sesame seeds etc.

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